Creation of a new publishing house announced at LMF-2017

A new publishing house «Choven», which will specialize in reportage and documentary literature, was presented at the 5th «Lviv Media Forum».

This year, at the initiative of the Lviv Media Forum and the School of Journalism of the Ukrainian Catholic University, a book of a Polish reporter Katarzyna Kwiatkowska-Moskalewicz was published in the Ukrainian language for the first time. A collection of reportages “To Kill the Dragon. Ukrainian Revolutions” tells us about Ukraine from the time of Maidan in 2004 till the beginning of the war in the Donbas. This book was an experimental project. Today, the concept of a new publishing house was announced.

“The experiment has shown we should move further, so we are announcing the creation of a new publishing house. We call it “Choven” (“boat” from the Ukrainian language). This is the boat in which we can swim in the waters of information and reach new continents – just like Vasco da Gama swam to India, Christopher Columbus to America, and Marco Polo to Asia. It is not Noah’s Ark, not a Biblical ship, not Argo – just a small Cossack Chaika boat, which, however, has everything for a long journey. We are creating our “Choven” with the aim of opening new horizons ahead; entire continents of cultures and stories; stories of various countries and people,” said Olesia Yaremchuk, editor-in-chief of the “Choven” publishing house, during the presentation.

The publishing house will specialize in reportage and documentary literature and will work in a number of ways – publishing journalistic stories and essays, biographical and historical literature, books on media and science. In addition to the translated literature, “Choven” will also work with the texts of Ukrainian authors.

As has been noted by the editor-in-chief, presently the publication of documentary literature and high-quality reportage books is important for the Ukrainian society. “Journalist stories help overcome geographical, historical, and mental boundaries, the barriers of stereotypes and prejudices. The statistics say that three quarters of our country’s population have never traveled beyond their homeland. We have set a great goal of telling Ukrainians about the world and helping them overcome the borders – both internal and external ones,” says Olesia Yaremchuk.

The publishing house plans to implement its first projects this year – to be presented at the “Book Forum” in Lviv – as well as plans to surprise the participants of Lviv Media Forum-2018.

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