“Choven” is a publishing house for reportage and documentary literature.

Our books tell their readers about the world, present diverse cultures, places and stories – including Ukrainian ones – from new perspectives. We specialize in literary reportage and essays, biographical and historical literature, media and science publications.

“Choven” publishing house was established in 2017 in Lviv on the initiative of NGO “Lviv Media Forum”. The co-founders were the organizers of the Media Forum Ostap Protsyk and Ihor Balynskyi.

According to statistics, three quarters of Ukrainians have never traveled beyond their homeland, and almost 20% – even outside their home region. We aim to help Ukrainians overcome the boundaries – internal and external ones: geographical, historical, mental boundaries, the obstacles of stereotypes and prejudices.

In our “Choven” (“Boat” from the Ukrainian language) we travel the world exploring the stories of people and whole humankind. We invite you to travel together.

About us
  • Oksana Vaskiv
    art editor
  • Ostap Protsyk
    Head of Lviv Media Forum, co-founder
  • Ihor Balynskyy
    Head of UCU Journalism School, co-founder
  • Mykhailo Diakiv
    executive director