A book “To Kill the Dragon. Ukrainian Revolutions” presented at the 5th Lviv Media Forum

During the second day of the 5th Lviv Media Forum, the publishing house of the Lviv Media Forum together with the UCU School of Journalism presented a Ukrainian translation of a collection of reportages by a Polish journalist and writer Katarzyna Kwiatkowska-Moskalewicz “To Kill Dragon. Ukrainian Revolutions”. The presentation was held in the format of a public discussion of the author and teacher of the UCU School of Journalism Otar Dovzhenko.

“The Polish school of reportage is one of the most legendary in Poland. The book consists of reportage texts; this is the so-called literature of fact. It describes the period of two Ukrainian revolutions – from the Orange Revolution to the Revolution of Dignity,” stated a media expert, author of the preface to the book – Otar Dovzhenko – during the presentation.

The book contains reportages about Ukraine since Maidan 2004 to the beginning of the war in the Donbas. The author is well acquainted with post-Soviet realities – she lived for a long time in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.

“I understand the Ukrainian people and the events that are happening here. That’s why it was easier for me to write this book. However, in order to build an inner picture for myself, I have collected hundreds of stories. Not all of them ended up in the book, but they are all on my computer, in pictures, and in my head,” said the author of the book Katarzyna Kwiatkowska-Moskalewicz.

Andriy Bondar translated the text into Ukrainian. The cover features a drawing by Olexa Mann. The publication was sponsored by MyMedia.

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