Karl-Markus Gauß
ISBN 978-966-97668-1-6
Karl-Markus Gauß, who is well-known for his various profound writings about small peoples and ethnic minorities in Europe, acquaints the readers of this book with the Roma communities of Eastern Slovakia, who are secluded from the world. The author gets acquainted with the Roma and their neighbors, tells us about the local customs and people’s daily life, their joys and sorrows, about the historical background and the current state of the difficult co-existence of the "black" and "white" living not far away from Ukraine; in the end, he writes about the otherness and humanity in each of us.
Karl-Markus Gauß is an Austrian reporter and writer. He was born in 1954 in Salzburg, where he received his degree in German Philology and History, and where he lives to this day. He issues "Literature and Criticism" journal, and writes for a number of magazines, such as Die Zeit, FAZ, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Die Presse.
The Ukrainian edition is illustrated by Kurt Kaindl's photographs.